Reflexology is a holistic therapy that has its roots in the ancient East. Early last century it made its revival in the West when an American physician, Dr. William Fitzgerald, studied the links between the hands and feet with the organs of the body. He found there were definite links or lines, which are known as meridians. According to reflexology, disharmony is caused in the body when these meridians are blocked, stopping the Chi (energy) from flowing freely to and from the organs. In fact, the hands and feet are mirrors of every organ in the body. Every meridian point on the feet corresponds to a particular organ.

During treatment the therapist will apply pressure to certain points on the soles of the feet, concentrating on areas that correspond to the solar plexus, sinuses, ears, eyes, lungs, spine, kidneys, bladder, urethra, hips, knees, digestive system, reproductive organs and lymphatic system. After one session of reflexology, most customers feel revitalized and renewed and we recommend you follow this treatment by a full body Herbal Massage.

Reflexology is an ongoing therapy - ideally once you start you will enjoy a session every week or as necessary.


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